Some nuggets of wisdom comes through bizarre coincidences,but still they're relevant to your situations by Aravind.D.P Last week was really tough for me,but it wont be like that for every teenager who's at the brink of turning twenty,but since i am an emotional weakling, I WAS FEELING SHITTY,because of being a constant target of verbal … Continue reading A BOLT STRIKES



Directed by Ivan Ayr, the film tells the story of the cop Soni (played by Geetika Vidya Ohlyan) and her superior Kalpana (Saloni Batra) as they fight endless personal battles of sexism and tumultuous personal lives that comes in the way of their professional battles. Soni is a film that grounds the overstated emotion of … Continue reading Soni


Docu-fiction always works for me when the film does not try too hard to look experimental in terms of form, as the genre is audacious in itself. The arresting frames of John Abraham's Amma Ariyan just documented the events that unfold in an unperturbed manner. But Kabir Choudhary's Mehsampur infuses a docu-fiction with the unhinged … Continue reading Mehsampur